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Fall in love with the values of the Constitution, and you'll  fall in love with the Constitution!

Debbi Rollo

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My mission is to promote the reading and understanding of the Constitution of the United States of America, one of the greatest and most important documents ever written, to know how our government functions, what it means to be free, and how to defend and maintain our liberty.

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These values are found in the Preamble of the Constitution and intertwined throughout the entirety of its contents (each of the seven Articles and 27 Amendments). As you read these values, imagine the power that each can have in the lives of your children, in yours, and in our society if applied in everyday life.

VALUE #1 – “We the People…”

MY VOICE MATTERS. I matter. I have a voice, one worth expressing that can make a difference. We, the people, is where the government gets its power.

In my life, I am a person of worth. 

VALUE #2 – “...Of the United States...”

I BELONG. I, along with each American citizen, have a place (the United States), a space where my voice can be heard and my ideas expressed - a place of belonging in the land of liberty.

In my life, I can belong, wherever I may be.

VALUE #3 – “...In Order to Form..."

I CAN IMPROVE AND PROGRESS. I am created to become better throughout my life. The phrase "to form" is post-tense, to make better. Nothing starts out perfect, certainly not a nation, but a commitment to improvement brings hope for a better tomorrow. 

In my life, I strive to become better. 

VALUE #4 – “... A More Perfect Union..."

I AM PART OF SOMETHING GREAT. I am part of something bigger than myself, of "We the People" to keep the country together as one through unity, purpose, and progress. 

In my life, I seek to become my best self, working with others to achieve this.

VALUE #5 – “... Establish Justice..."

MY LIFE IS ONE OF LAW AND ORDER. Laws matter. Justice is necessary. Respecting and following the law is imperative to maintaining a safe and productive society. Seeking fair treatment and treating others fairly is important. Actions have consequences.

In my life, there is law and order.

VALUE #6 – “... Insure Domestic Tranquility..."

I SEEK A PEACEFUL LIFE. A life of safety and peace is ideal. Our government is duty-bound to ensure that things in our country are running smoothly. My choices have a major impact on the level of peace I have in my life.

In my life, I enjoy a life of peace.

VALUE #7 – “... Provide for the Common Defense..."

I CAN BE SAFE.  The United States has the power and authority to, through its military and negotiation, protect our nation from its enemies. I have the right to defend myself and am worthy to be defended. 

In my life, I can stand up and defend myself.

VALUE #8 – “... Promote the General Welfare..."

I LEAD A GOOD LIFE.  As the government promotes what is good for American citizens, I also seek what is good for me personally. A life of opportunity, equality, justice,  peace, and safety brings blessings and prosperity. 

In my life, I seek and enjoy the good things life has to offer.

VALUE #9 – “... Secure the Blessings of Liberty..."

I LOVE AND VALUE LIBERTY.  The United States promises a free and fair system of government that protects our freedoms. I can be diligent to maintain liberty in my life and for those around me. 

In my life, I enjoy and appreciate the blessings of liberty.

VALUE #10 – “... To Ourselves and Our Posterity..."

I CARE ABOUT OTHERS.  The liberties that we enjoy are intended for ourselves as well as for future generations. It's not just about me. My choices affect others. Leaving things better than I find them is a great virtue.

In my life, I know my choices affect others. 

VALUE #11 – “... Do Ordain and Establish this Constitution..."

I KEEP MY COMMITMENTS.  America stands for freedom. The Constitution is the contract, a commitment, to protect and uphold that freedom for all. An oath should be kept. I will keep my word and should be held accountable for the promises that I make. 

In my life, I am trustworthy and will do what I promise.

VALUE #12 – “... For the United States of America..."

I HAVE A PLACE.  This is my country, of which I can be proud. It is a system of self-government and liberty, as the U.S. Constitution affirms. I am part of the United States with a united purpose of unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

In my life, I support and uphold the U.S. Constitution

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